Brand Architecture

What is brand architecture?
It’s not only a logo, but it’s a consistent identity, a representation of a set of values and a way to attract new clients and retain existing ones. Beyond that, it’s a set of rational and emotional attributes that define how the world perceives your company and your products, differentiates them and provides competitive advantage to your brand.

360 Creative, Inc. believes that every project is a special endeavor and that superior brand architecture is achieved by fulfilling our clients’ needs with thorough planning, cost-effective, cutting-edge, sustainable brand identity, and sensitivity to all aspects of the business. At 360 Creative, Inc., we are thinking-driven-brand architects that know how to execute strong creative concepts across all media. Our branding consultants will ensure you benefit from even greater cost and time efficiencies when developing innovative and media neutral thinking to deliver strategic and tactical communications that answer your real needs and supports your brand values.

What is brand strategy ?

Brand strategy is the development of a clear set of actions and plans for the systematic development of a brand to enable it to meet its agreed objectives, governed by a single stated direction.

We believe that brand strategy is a complex part of any business, that’s why we start every project with a period of comprehensive insight-gathering, we absorb your goals and business strategies; research your brand history and what competitors are up to; visit environments that represent your brand, and places where your brand should be present; understand your target consumers, and the people you would hope to recruit. We are experts at understanding the process, developing the research and refining the brand proposition so that the final identity reflects both the company values and the target market expectations. We have experience in working across organizations not only to develop strategy, but also to communicate, document and importantly to deliver the strategy.

Creative, Inc., develops successful brand strategies by focusing on:

• The goals & objectives of your business
• The culture and personalities of the existing brand
• The customers that you want to attract
• The markets in which you want to be active
• The tools that you will need to get the most from the new brand

We offer opportunity analysis, insight development, proposition development, brand positioning, visual planning, emerging trends analysis, and brand architecture. We can help you define what you are truly striving to achieve, and develop ways to keep you well on track to succeed. Every project no matter how large or small is a journey we thrive on taking.

Our branding expertise includes:

• Brand Audits
• Brand Equity Analysis
• Brand Research / Analysis
• Brand Strategy and Positioning
• Brand Architecture
• Brand Reminder
• Brand Design and Development
• Name Development
• Tagline and Slogan Development