What is multimedia?

Multimedia is a tool your company can use to stand apart for your competitors. At 360 Creative, Inc. we can offer your company a variety of multimedia services that combine the latest technologies through an innovative blend of text, audio, images, animation and videos. Traditional means of media can produce results; however multimedia creates long lasting impressions and a greater impact on consumers. For each multimedia project we take on a well-researched plan is produced. We implement the plan carefully in order to ensure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded.

Motion Graphics and Special Effects

Motion Graphics can help your company bring life and energy to otherwise stagnant content. With highly experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology 360 Creative, Inc. is able to produce compelling special effects, eye-catching animations and other digital techniques. A combination of those tools will help minimize production costs for your company and produce great results. These techniques in motion graphics available to our designers can help better convey your brand to an audience and be a great device for better data visualization and static graphics.

Video Editing

Let 360 Creative, Inc. takes on the time consuming feat of video editing. Our team of experts is more than happy to help convey the idea you have in mind into a reality via the perfect video and video editing. Through the use of the newest technology in light, sound engineering and color, 360 Creative, Inc. can produce fascinating videos for your company that will portray your product as the finest to customers.

3D Modeling and 3D Animation

360 Creative, Inc. is a true believer in the dramatic benefits of 3D modeling and animation. 3D modeling and animation can help represent concepts or ides that are not easily shown through words or pictures. They can graphically simplify these complicated ideas and show the inter-relationships between them. 3D animation can combine larger amounts of data into one, compact parcel, which can be represented simply and therefore understood better. Animation helps capture the attention of consumers, which helps with information retention of your product of service. 3D modeling can show an interactive image of what your company cannot explain to customers in text. 360 Creative Inc. has a great track record of success in 3D modeling and animation areas.

Interactive Presentation

At 360 Creative, Inc. we use our creative expertise and advanced knowledge of technology to produce interactive presentations that are worlds away from the traditional power point presentation. Our interactive presentations will consistently represent your corporate mission and brand in a way that you would want it to be remembered. It has been proven that interactive presentations improve the retention of information so that your company’s target market will better remember your product or service. Interactive presentations also improve the probability that consumers will view your website, commercials, etc. for longer periods of time, which many times will lead to the purchasing of a product.

Flash Presentations

The biggest benefit of Flash presentations is their ability to be easily viewed through different mediums. With the availability of different Flash players on almost all computers, your audience will not have to install anything to view your presentation. 360 Creative, Inc. believes that Flash presentations are an asset to any company, allowing them to create interactive animations, forms, transitions and text effects, including links, on-click actions and play controls. Through Flash presentations, 360 Creative, Inc. can allow your target consumers to have fun while learning about your product or service.

Database Integration

The benefits of database integration are astronomical for any company. 360 Creative, Inc.’s database integration experts will make administration of data, messages and application logic simpler and more efficient for your company. This will make e-mailing within the company, data management and advertising via e-mail consistent and more user friendly, while providing a perfect strategy for accessing, storing, managing and delivering all of your information needs.